Increase the Sustainability of Indoor Farming.

Measure, improve, and compare the carbon footprint of
every ton of produce.



Know your Carbon Score – From Seed to Harvest to Delivery

We cover all aspects of indoor farming operations, generating highly accurate carbon scores with the ability to identify areas for improvement, and track and report on progress over time.

In the News

 Indoor farming holds the promise to feed the planet, but we have to solve the carbon problem.

Read the New York Times article.


Track and improve the sustainability of every ton of produce you grow.

Distributors and Retailers

Track carbon footprints across your indoor farming supply chain.

Input Providers

Measure and improve the carbon impact of your products.


How Can Carbon Calculation
Help Your Business?

reduce cost

Gain a Competitive Edge

Get recognized as a low carbon producer, achieving a marketing advantage for consumers and retail grocers focusing on sustainability.

avoid losses

Reduce Costs

Adopt practices that reduce energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and costs of your operation.
For every acre of greenhouse space, up to $30k in cost savings can be realized.

cut food waste

Prepare for Carbon Score Labeling

Retail grocers are beginning to provide a carbon score for every food item. Understand and improve your score now, to achieve the best competitive advantage.

reduce cost

Make informed buying decisions

  • Identify suppliers with the lowest carbon footprints.
  • Compare ”apples to apples” across your supply chain.
  • Gain a better negotiating position.
Incredible Accuracy

Help your customers meet their Net Zero Goals

All large CPG firms are requiring reporting from their suppliers. Position your operation to meet your customer’s science-based targets.

avoid losses

Get Paid for Carbon Credits

There is a very active voluntary carbon market today that will pay for reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Documentation provides a path to collect those credits.

Science You Can Trust


CarbonBook uses the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and indoor agriculture- focused life cycle analysis to bring you the most accurate carbon calculations available for indoor farming.

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