Know your Carbon Score – From Seed to Harvest to Delivery

Generate highly accurate carbon scores, identify areas for improvement, and track and report on progress over time.


Experience the Power of AI

Motorleaf enables powerful data-driven decision-making

Track and Improve in Three Simple Steps

1. Enter your facilities’ monthly data.

Crops, Energy use, Inputs, Materials, Transportation etc.

2. Get results for your entire organization.

All your production facilities, warehouses and distribution centers

3. Gain insights for improvement.

Highlights largest carbon footprint contributors for your operation


Here’s what everyone’s asking

Is it easy to get up and running on Carbonbook?

Absolutely! Just follow the prompts to enter information about crop types, energy use, and so on, and Carbonbook takes care of the rest. The more information you enter, the more complete your results will be.

Once I have received my carbon score, how can I improve it?

Carbonbook provides you with insights for improvement. From fertilizer to lighting, to the impact of each of your facilities, Carbonbook allows you to track the changes that can make a difference.

How frequently do I enter my information?

Carbonbook is flexible; you can enter monthly information to see how your Carbon use changes throughout the year, or you can aggregate your information across quarters or for an entire year.

What if I don’t have all the information requested?

Don’t worry! CarbonBook will fill in industry standards if you have gaps.